Thursday, August 13, 2009


One of my most favoritest (not a real word, but it is now) snacks in the whole wide world: Ants-On-A-Log!

Yes...real true live PEANUT BUTTER! I tried a few healthier alternatives, but none of them can hold a candle to Peter Pan's Honey Roasted Creamy Peanut Butter, salmonella and all.

I tried Better'n Peanut Butter, but it should be renamed to Better'n Paste. Better'n Peanut
Butter is better suited as paste for art projects or to seal envelopes.

There IT (Better'n Peanut Butter) is on the side of the miracle whip, in front of the cheese. By now the Better'n PB is probably sporting a fur coat. Hmmm...I better go and check.


  1. I love "ants on a log"! I make mine with dried cranberries instead of raisins as they kinda taste like jelly. Mmmm ...

    I tried Better 'N Peanut Butter and agree that it is crap! I hated it. =(

    If you haven't tried Naturally More Peanut Butter then I encourage you to do so. It's AMAZING!

    It's the brand of choice for all of us, even the kidlets, and the nutritionals are pretty good, too! =)

  2. Great idea for a good healthy snack, looks good!

  3. mmm salmonella! TASTY! lol :) I use PB2 and I love it- 2 tablespoons for 53.2 calories! YUM!

  4. LOL! Sounds like my jar of Better 'n Butter. Older than the hills. It's missing something and tastes too "diety"...I would much rather have the real thing in moderation.

  5. Its kinda hard to keep up with you. I getting it now. You have 2 blogs. One with food only and the other with generic blog type stuff. Am I correct?

  6. I keep getting slower and slower at responding to my comments.

    @dani31608...grand idea my friend. I loves me some PB&J. I will put that on my must try list.
    I will look into that Naturally More Peanut Butter as well.

    @Emmett...It's also quick and easy! And that's what I like when it comes to cooking. I tried the PB@ and it just wasn't the same. I just can't give up my salmonella.

    @ Okay that's the word to describe all of the peanut butters I've tried...diety.

    @T-Rez...I think my e-mail cleared everything up because now I see you over at Me So Hongry.

  7. ...i don't know why i can't stand the taste of peanut butter, but it's just gross to me. EVERYONE i know just loves it though. i almost WISH i liked it. :(


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