Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cooking Myself Thin: Potabella Tuna Melts

So my new favorite show...Lifetime's Cook Yourself Thin...I noticed that I start a lot of my sentences with so. Sooooooooooooo...a few months ago a WW member mentioned the show Cook Yourself Thin at a meeting. I remember racing home so I could search the Comcast guide for the show and to no avail I found nothing! Well as most of you know I kicked Comcast to the curb for AT&T's U-Verse (which I love). Anywho... One day I sat on the couch flipping through channels and BAM...Cook Yourself Thin on the Lifetime Real Women Channel.

So real quick, the premise of the show entails three cooks, providing makeovers of your 3 favorite high calorie, high fat dishes. After your food makeover you receive a basket with all of the ingredients necessary for you to create the made over meals at home. Weeks later the three cooks visit your home to see if you cooked yourself thin. Most of the ladies lose at least one dress size.

After watching a few episodes I quickly developed a list of recipes I want to try. Well I now present my attempt at preparing Cook Yourself Thin's Portabella Tuna Melts.

Here are the ingredients: portabella mushroom caps, Albacore tuna, big ole tomato, parsley, lemon juice, swiss cheese, celery, (not pictured) salt, pepper, and EVOO.

I used low sodium Albacore tuna. The items below were mixed with the tuna. instructions seem a bit vague, which is the reason why I provided the link for you to print the recipe.

Next I scooped the gills, cut the stems and washed the mushrooms. I need more practice at gill scooping.

I placed the mushroom caps on a pan and broiled them for 10 minutes.

After broiling the caps, I divided the tuna amongst the 4 mushroom caps.

...and I then placed a slice a Swiss cheese on each cap and broiled them again for too long. My cheese melted quickly...toooooo quickly.

Voila, Portabella Tuna Melts!!!

My Melt vs. Their Melt: I win!



  1. I saw that episode- can I come over?? lol I love that show! I bought the cook book (of course) but they do not list the NI for the recipes- only the calories. I would have to put the recipe through the WW recipe builder to get the points for all of the cookbook! YIKES! lol

  2. So, this is a really terrific idea putting it in the mushroom like this! ;0)

    I notice that I say JUST, VERY, and REALLY a lot! I think I want people to know that I REALLY mean what I am saying!

  3. I am so making these in the upcoming weeks. I love mushrooms and especially roasted ones...with tuna and cheese….. how can you go wrong? Thanks for sharing

  4. Will you cook for me? It looks very good!!

  5. OMG - this looks SOOOO GOOD. SO FREAKIN GOOD!!!

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    Thanks again for joining!

  7. It's beautiful! I saw that episode and couldn't wait to make those. I am definitely going to try them now...seeing how easy it was! Yum!

  8. OH WOW that looks AMAZINGLY good!! I am SO going to try this one!!


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