Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog finds, simple meals, and other crap...

Food find #1: While searching high and low for these sandwich thins, I yielded NO results. My mom walks into Kroger the other day and BAM...sandwich thins!! 100 calories for one thin. I tried one last night with some Albacore tuna...delish! I first saw these on Marisa's blog Trim the Fat.

Food find #2: My mom found this NO Salt Seasoning at Big Lots. Due to the risk of developing hypertension, I must stay away from salt or limit my intake. I sprinkle this on everything, salads, beans, meat, etc.

Food find #3 and simple meal #1: I found these while shopping at HEB. Wal-Mart doesn't carry whole grain macaroni and cheese.

The last few busy days left little time for real cooking so I threw this meal together. I intended to make this meal for my kids and prepare something different for myself before I went to school. But I ran out of time and ate this instead: oven "fried" chicken, whole grain mac & cheese, and side salad.

Simple meal #2: Salad. Again pressed for time, I threw this salad together. Those raspberries livened up the salad. O and I added my Oriental crunchies from Trader Joe's.

Other crap #1: I went to the movies to see Hangover...FUNNY! I stowed this snack away in my purse: H2O , almonds and raisins.

Food find #4: Did you know McDonald's serves a Southwest Chicken Salad?

Simple meal #3: Baked potato with pico, 1 serving of cheese, and a pat of Smart Balance, chicken breast, and cherries.


  1. I love those sandwich thins- before they came out west my Aunt would mail them from NY for me! :) I use them as hot dog buns too!

    That baked potato looks SOO good! :)

  2. Hey SITStah. Happy blogfest sharefest or whatever Saturday!

  3. I was just in Wallyworld a few days ago and the guy behind me had the sandwich thins. It was so funny how we got into this big conversation about his thins. I promised my girlfriend I would go home and check out the reviews on this item. Of course I never did a darn thing. So what do they taste like? I was planning on trying them once I started phase 3 of the FSD.


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