Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Lawd...I Loves Swiss Chawd!

...Swiss Chard that is. I intentionally misspelled Swiss chard for rhyming purposes
...good lawd...Swiss chawd.

Never mind. So, I tried Swiss chard for the first time, and the taste reminded me of spinach. 2 thumbs up for Swiss chard! I sauteed the chard in EVOO and added some baby portabellas.

To complete my meal I added watermelon and mango.

O's our friend Chicken Charm making a guest appearance.


  1. Oh wow this blog background and banner is exactly the same as the one I use for my food diary :)

  2. ps: I honestly didn't copy you....we both just have great taste ;)

  3. @ A GIRL RUNNING...great minds think alike.


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