Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trader Joe Hoe!

I see all you bloggers flaunting your Trader Joe's goods. Unfortunately, H-Town is Trader Joeless. NO FREAKIN TRADER JOE'S. However, I managed to get my hands on these: BAM!!! Check it out:

If I DO NOT lose this week...BLAME these Sea Salt & Pepper Crisps!!!!!! I would do anything for these crisps. I guess that makes me a Trader Joe Hoe!!! LOL at myself.

I love these too....also another scapegoat for failed weight loss. I put these on top of my salad or I found my hand submerged inside the bag just eating them as a snack.

Most of my goods are of the snackish persuasion. I shall tell you why. My Mom went on vacay to San Fran and I harassed her repeatedly to visit TJ's. She said TJ's reminded her of Whole Foods but a WHOLE lot cheaper. Since my Mom and husband traveled by plane, packing the frozen dough Marissa used to make her BBQ calzones was out of the question. On the bright side packing the dough in her suitcase would result in a nice loaf of bread upon arrival. I'll keep you updated as I try each product and believe you me, I look forward to trying each and every one!!

Since I love the pepper rice crisps and the Oriental rice crackers, I plan to take a trip to Hong Kong Food Market to see if they carry either product.


  1. Love Trader Joe's, nice pics. I just sent you a request on facebook.

  2. yep- those are all of the things I can not buy...I would eat the whole bag in one sitting. lol ENOY! :)

  3. Hi, Girl! I was below you on SITS list. Your blog name intrigued me since I'm always hungry. LOL!

    I used to live in San Diego and we had TJ's and I shopped there weekly. Now I moved to upstate, NY and there are no TJ's, so I miss it!


  4. Oh... and Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!

  5. I go completely nuts as soon as I step in the door! My son always likes to come with me to locate that monkey pirate. :0)

    Thanks for visiting me!


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